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December 10, 2012

45 rue Louis Blanc, Paris X Program by ECDM Architectes

45 rue Louis Blanc, Paris X Program by ECDM Architectes

45 rue Louis Blanc, Paris X Program
ECDM Architectes
Paris, France

In the late 1990s, the Paris city real-estate authority (RIVP) launched the construction of a new housing development in the Xth Arrondissement of Paris. The cost-efficient housing project was required to cover a 600-m2 area and abide by environmental standards. The architects, Dominique Marrec and Emmanuel Combarel, went beyond their initial requirements to create a building with modern sophistication.

45 rue Louis Blanc received the ‘Habitat and Environment’ certification in 2007. This French environmental housing certificate is voluntary and goes further than just building efficiency. The criteria include educating occupants on eco-friendly behavior and waste reduction, as well as standard requirements for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

A remarkable aspect of this structure is its harmonious connection with the surrounding buildings, which were built in the mid 19th century during Haussmann’s reconstruction of Paris. ECDM’s design does not detract from the surrounding architecture, instead it compliments Haussmann’s look of early modernization. The building’s exterior is made from synthetic glass panels meant to resemble opals known as ‘opalite panels.’ The high opacity of the panels allows light to protrude slightly from the building’s interior.

information and images courtesy of © Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec architectes

DISCLAIMER: This project does not feature ALPOLIC Materials. The Architecture, Design and Sustainability sections of our blog are for global projects that we find remarkable.

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