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July 5, 2012

ALPOLIC ACM Custom Coloring Used In Over-Cladding Project

ALPOLIC ACM Custom Coloring Used In Over-Cladding Project
Project:Chesapeake Energy
Location:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Fabricator:Metal Design Systems, Inc.; Cedar Rapids, IA
Installer:Wray Bend Architectural Metal Co.; Hutchinson, KS
Architect:N/A (Re-Clad)
General Contractor:Silver Cliffe Construction; Edmond, OK
Exterior Wall
Panel Manufacturer:
Products:ALPOLIC 4mm ACM; Custom Brown, Custom Gray
Amount Of ALPOLIC Used:Approximately 28,000 square ft.
Completion:March 2012

Following a severe hailstorm, Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City sustained extensive damage to the exterior of the building. To repair the structure without causing additional damage, fabricators at Metal Design Systems, Inc. (MDSI) needed to get creative.

Originally proposed to remove and replace the damaged panels, it was later determined that extracting the sealed cladding would compromise the integrity of the system. Additionally, due to the panels’ integration within the window system, removing the cladding without the glass did not seem feasible.

To avoid the time-consuming and costly task of attempting to install new panels into the existing system, MDSI came up with a solution – over-cladding. This meant that ALPOLIC ACM panels would be attached overtop of the existing metal panels, which would then act as an air/moisture barrier for the building. With this plan, should the building sustain future damage, each panel would be able to be individually removed and replaced. Furthermore, thanks to ALPOLIC’s custom coloring capabilities, two unique finishes were created to flawlessly match the original colors of the building.

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