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July 19, 2012

ALPOLIC ACM Panels Highlight Illinois Car Dealership

ALPOLIC ACM Panels Highlight Illinois Car Dealership
Project:Barkau Chevrolet
Location:Stockton, Illinois
Fabricator:TFC Canopy; Garrett, IN
Installer:Five Star Specialties
Architect:Lingle Design Group; Lena, IL
General Contractor:TAS Enterprise
Exterior Panel Manufacturer:ALPOLIC
Products:4mm ALPOLIC; CVB Blue, HLZ Hairline Aluminum,
TBX Silver Metallic

In 2010, construction on the Barkau Chevrolet in Stockton, IL began. A highly recognizable and well-respected brand, Chevrolet sought for the new dealership to seamlessly integrate within the franchise.

To live up to the standards set by Chevrolet, fabricators at TFC Canopy, a division of Centurion Industries, employed the use of ALPOLIC for fascia, soffits, coping, and the entry tower.

ALPOLIC’s upstanding product and un-matched warranty played heavily in the final decision. Additionally, a representative for TFC Canopy stated, “Our long upstanding relationship we have with [ALPOLIC] makes choosing them for any project a no brainer.” The featured design is now standard for Chevrolet dealerships on a nationwide basis.

photos and information © TFC Canopy

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