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September 27, 2012

ALPOLIC ACM Panels Modernize Furniture Store Exterior

ALPOLIC ACM Panels Modernize Furniture Store Exterior
Project:C&G Solid Wood Furniture
Location:Cambridge, ON, Canada
Fabricator/Installer:Flexx Corporation; Cambridge, ON, Canada
General Contractor:Elmwood Contracting
Composite Panel Manufacturer:ALPOLIC
Products:3mm, 4mm ALPOLIC PE ACM; MRT Magma, JBR Bronze, MCU Mica Champagne
Completion:July 2012

When a business has been around for a while, it is often necessary for the establishment to update their look to reflect the current day and age. It is important for companies to periodically reevaluate and rework their image as a means to stay relevant and thus attract new clientele. For C&G Solid Wood Furniture, that time was now.

After 30 years of business, C&G decided that it was time to update their image and enhance their aesthetic appeal. According to Flexx Corporation, C&G approached them to design the new layout with complete creative freedom. Feeling their look had become somewhat stale and outdated, C&G contacted Flexx after having recently been impressed with their work on the new Pioneer/VERVE sites.

Sticking with a style similar to what first attracted C&G, Flexx again chose to work with ALPOLIC aluminum composite panels. The smooth texture, crisp corners, and color balance achieved between the prismatic red and darker bronze gave C&G the exact modern image they were looking for. Though originally hesitant the investment in a new design may not provide the desired results, all of C&G’s doubts subsided when a business owner passing by noticed the new façade and stopped in to purchase over $40,000 in new office furniture.

Hitting record sales their reopening weekend, the owners of C&G could not be happier with the new design, stating, “The store now reflects the high quality furniture we have been selling for years.”

photos and information © Flexx Corporation

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