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November 17, 2011

ALPOLIC® Celebrates 20 Years of U.S. Manufacturing

ALPOLIC® Celebrates 20 Years of U.S. Manufacturing

Chesapeake, VA — In the coming months, the Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America (MPCA) plant in Chesapeake, maker of ALPOLIC composite materials, will be celebrating the plant’s 20th year in operation.

Before work began on the building of the Chesapeake MPCA plant, Mitsubishi Plastics' only presence in America was a warehouse operation in New Jersey. In October 1991, production began at the new plant on the first American-made ALPOLIC aluminum and metal composite materials (ACM and MCM). Two decades later, the Chesapeake ALPOLIC plant is a major player in a dynamic industry, supplying innovative ALPOLIC materials for markets in North America, Central America, South America and other parts of the world.

“We're proud to mark our 20th year of operation within the United States,” said MPCA President Ike Kakikura. “During that time our significance in the industry and within Mitsubishi has grown tremendously. Having a strong manufacturing and distribution presence in North America has been a smart strategy and a wise investment.”

Throughout its 20-year history, ALPOLIC’s state-of-the-art Chesapeake plant has grown and evolved, playing a major role in helping ALPOLIC maintain its global leadership position. Mitsubishi’s ongoing, multimillion-dollar investment in the plant has included major upgrades in 2005 (new coil coating head), 2007 (new equipment for manufacturing fire-resistant materials), 2009 (updated coil coating line), and 2010 (new equipment for material separation and recycling).

Light, flexible and durable, ALPOLIC panels manufactured in Chesapeake and Japan have broadened architectural horizons and inspired new aesthetic and functional achievement in building design around the globe. With popular product lines that include solid colors, metallic, natural metals, timber, stone and anodized, the company offers the widest selection of colors, textures and finishes available.

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