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October 27, 2011

ALPOLIC Exposed Edge

ALPOLIC Exposed Edge

One more way ALPOLIC has you covered.

For exterior applications involving exposed edges, ALPOLIC Materials provides select MCM panels offering a unique look and ease of attachment. These panels, which must be specified when ordering materials, can be used in a cost-effective and alternative method over a traditional route and return attachment system for exposed edge applications.

An exposed edge application is defined by the cut edge of the MCM panel, which is visible and exposed to the elements. If you can see an edge consisting of the skin, core, and skin component arrangement, you are looking at an exposed edge application. Examples using ALPOLIC MCM include:

Mercator Shopping Center

This retail venue in Slovenia features a large, perforated ribbon of red ALPOLIC MCM curving around its exterior.

Tivoli House

Tivoli House in Los Angeles, up close

A landmark private residence in Los Angeles, Tivoli House is defined by its unique hanging façade of perforated flower prints in ALPOLIC TOB Black.

Pickering Town Centre 

Multiple entrances into Pickering, Ontario’s premier shopping destination feature towers of ALPOLIC MCM cut in attractive leaf designs.

All exposed edge applications are subject to special conditions: 

1) Specific finish pre-treatments must be used on the aluminum, requiring the exposed edge application to be identified at the time of order. The order will be considered a custom order. 

2) The installed ALPOLIC exposed edge panel must be 1 mile or more from saltwater. 

3) All fabrication requirements, such as, 2 mm minimum radii on bends, etc. apply. 

4) All standard warranty conditions, such as, fresh water rinses, etc. apply.

ALPOLIC exposed edge materials are engineered and tested to provide optimal performance in an exposed application. They can be manufactured with a grey mineral-filled, fire-resistant or standard polyethylene core and a 2-coat or 3-coat fluoropolymer paint finish.

Even in tricky exposed edge applications, ALPOLIC has you covered. We invite you to learn more about these applications in our Technical Resources section, under “Application - Exposed Edge” (PDF) and “Perforated/Exposed Edge Applications” (PDF). 

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