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July 12, 2012

ALPOLIC Metallic Panels Refresh D.C. Starbucks

ALPOLIC Metallic Panels Refresh D.C. Starbucks
Location:Washington, DC
Fabricator/Installer:Bestworth-Rommel, Inc.; Arlington, WA
General Contractor:Bestworth-Rommel, Inc.; Arlington, WA
Panel Manufacturer:ALPOLIC
Products:4mm ALPOLIC ACM; Champagne Metallic CMX

As a branch of the largest coffeehouse company in the world, coupled with its location in our nation’s capital, the Starbucks in Union Station took no shortcuts when it came to store design. Seeking a reliable and aesthetically pleasing finish for both the interior and exterior walls, Starbucks employed ALPOLIC ACM panels for a much-desired clean and modern look.

Located in Washington, DC, the Union Station Starbucks experiences a consistently high daily amount of foot traffic. Thus, for its appearance as well as its longevity, fabricators at Bestworth-Rommel cited ALPOLIC as the obvious choice. Overcoming two of ACM’s biggest enemies, delamination and finish failure, ALPOLIC remains robust and dependable.

Additionally, in the unlikely event of damage to the material, ALPOLIC’s renowned warranty is impossible to beat. As stated by Bestworth-Rommel, “Backed by a company the size of Mitsubishi, and supported by a history of actually honoring the warranty, ALPOLIC is alone in its class.”

images and information © Bestworth-Rommel, Inc.; Arlington, WA

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