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February 14, 2013

One of Earth's Greenest Buildings Features ALPOLIC Panels

One of Earths Greenest Buildings Features ALPOLIC Panels
Project:Pixel Building
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Exterior Panel Manufacturer:Mitsubishi Plastics Composites Division:
ALPOLIC International
Completion:July 2010

The Pixel Building in Melbourne, Australia is said to be “the office of the future.” Becoming a commercial prototype for future construction, Pixel is one of the greenest buildings, in any sector, in the world.

This self-sufficient building was awarded the highest environmental ratings on two continents, surpassing all sustainable construction internationally. Receiving the highest Green Star rating ever awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Pixel is the first carbon neutral office building in Australia. Beyond energy efficiency, all power and water are generated directly on site.

Receiving additional points for innovation, its sustainable attributes are endless. Featuring wind turbines, solar panels, maneuverable louvers, a living roof, specialized concrete, recycled panels, and smart window technology, Pixel exceeds the most stringent environmental standards on the planet. Awarded the highest LEED certification available by the US Green Building Council, Pixel also implements the latest technological advances to redefine sustainable construction.

In cooperation with building developer, Grocon, and sustainability consultants Umow Lai, studio505 Architects created a sustainable work of art from the inside out. Although the public may not be initially aware of its sustainable attributes, they are drawn instantly to the building’s fascinating exterior design. Using various colored panels, the façade serves daylighting functionality allowing optimal light penetration throughout the day.

Resembling broken glass, the intensely hued panels are supported by Living Edge spandrels that not only create sun shading, but wastewater treatment as well. According to Romilly Madew, Chief Executive of the GBCA,

“Pixel is truly a green masterpiece, pushing boundaries and going above and beyond the ‘norm’ in green building innovation.”

images © John Gollings and Ben Hosking courtesy of studio505 architects
information © studio505 architects, Green Building Council Australia, Australia Design Review

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