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March 5, 2012

Anamorphosis Paintings by Felice Varini Transform Architecture

Anamorphosis Paintings by Felice Varini Transform Architecture

Featured Works from 1994-2011
Felice Varini
Various Locations

Swiss artist Felice Varini began creating vantage point paintings in 1979. The paintings vary in scale, and since the late 1970’s have developed into unparalleled masterpieces. Each of the paintings contains some geometric sequence of shapes that appear fragmented when viewed at various angles. Known as 'anamorphosis,' the paintings must be viewed at a specific vantage point for the image to be regenerated.

These localized anamorphosis paintings are applied to architectural structures on both the interior and exterior. The sizes of the pieces vary from the interior of a mall in Paris, to an entire village in Vercorin, Switzerland. Varini utilizes a projection-stencil technique, which was fully documented during his 2009 exhibition in Vercorin.

Each piece, unique in design, adds dramatic perspective and grandiose artistic interpretation to its location.

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