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February 26, 2014

Architects on Pinterest

Architects on Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest was actually started by an ex-architect? One of the founders, Evan Sharp, was an architect at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation before joining Facebook and eventually teaming up with Ben Silbermann to create Pinterest.

Architecture has been woven into the DNA of Pinterest from the beginning. The visual nature and collaborative spirit of Pinterest makes it a natural fit for architects. We have recently started our own Pinterest page, and we are constantly on the lookout for great new architectural boards to follow.

Visit ALPOLIC MATERIALS's profile on Pinterest.

Below is a list of a few favorites we’ve found so far, but please feel free to submit your board in the comments. Or just follow us on Pinterest and we’ll add you to the list.

Facade & Materials

Follow MAD arkitekter's board Facade & materials on Pinterest.

Modern Rustic

Follow Christopher Simmonds Architect's board Modern Rustic on Pinterest.


Follow R M architect®'s board ARCH | FACADES on Pinterest.


Follow deon morris architect's board architecture on Pinterest.

Texture & Pattern

Follow Egbert Duijn Architect's board Texture & pattern - inspiration for building surface on Pinterest.


Follow Catalin Zafiu's board Architecture on Pinterest.


Follow Mohamed O's board Architecture on Pinterest.

Coffee with an Architect

Follow Jody Brown's board Coffee with an Architect on Pinterest.


Follow Alexa Martins's board Architecture :: on Pinterest.

Contemporary Architecture

Follow Angela McKenzie's board Contemporary Architecture on Pinterest.


Follow bd Studio's board Architecture on Pinterest.

Modern + Mid Century Modern

Follow Arielle Schechter's board Architecture--Modern + Mid Century Modern on Pinterest.


Follow Isao Wakasugi's board ■ Architecture on Pinterest.

And the list goes on…

Jes Stafford

Lee Je-ho

Bob Borson

Ramazan Oskan

Edward Alshut AIA

Álvaro Díaz

Little Owl Design

Julieta Garcia


Lidio Flor

Aline Denise Bernardo

Wayne Ford


Jacoba Nunez

Bjorn Mulder

Roman Desponds

AiNa RuSe

Isabel Fonseca

Guillaume Mazars

dirk cousaert


Jeffry Lamin



Matthias von Aufschnaiter

Kota Mochiduki

Marc Sublet

Thibault Jorge

Forrest Luu

Orsi Glavanovics

Thom Ortiz

Alexia Chianis

Marta Strzinek

Laurie Meisel

wiryadi putra

Riggins Construction

Gabita Estikle

William J. Martin Arch't

Aline Denise Bernardo

Pere Andres

Antonio Carreño

Milad Sabahi

Med Archi-black

Martin Peters

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