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February 29, 2012

Jiffy Lube Locations Nationwide Designed WIth ALPOLIC ACM

Jiffy Lube Locations Nationwide Designed WIth ALPOLIC ACM
Project:Jiffy Lube
Location:Over 2,000 Locations
Architect:Bedrock Brands
Exterior Wall
Panel Manufacturer:
Products:3MM PE Core JLR Red
MBX Medium Bronze Metallic

Versatility and workability have always put ALPOLIC at the forefront of innovation in the ACM/MCM world. For the designers at Bedrock, these were key factors in their decision to use ALPOLIC on their corporate ID branding project for Jiffy Lube.

To begin, Bedrock requested the development of a custom color red specific to Jiffy Lube. Thanks to ALPOLIC’s in-house coloring capabilities, a richer, deeper and more professional hue was produced. According to the project designer, another differentiating aspect of ALPOLIC is its 20-year finish warranty and resistance to fading - especially valuable when dealing with reds, which often lighten to pink over time.

On the fascia of each building, red and bronze panels were applied using mechanical fasteners. Additionally, ALPOLIC was also used for awnings and welcome signs at the main entrance and other entryways.

What’s most unique about this project, however, is the innovative way in which ALPOLIC was used on the illuminated ID sign. Going beyond previously assumed limitations, the architects at Bedrock designed and successfully constructed LED-lit signage using ALPOLIC– proving false the notion that the material could not be put to such use. Rather than internally lit and translucent, the Jiffy Lube sign was fabricated out of ALPOLIC material and accented with light from between the panels. This allows for more control of the amount and placement of light, as well as provides the durability of ALPOLIC.

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