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May 1, 2012

Dali Museum's Blobist Exterior Design

Dali Museums Blobist Exterior Design

Salvador Dali Museum
HOK Architects
St. Petersburg, Florida

The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida houses the second largest Dali collection in the world. Designed by HOK Architects, the museum’s exterior magnificently compliments the surrealist art within. The mixed-use structure was build to withstand harsh Florida winds while remaining sustainable, taking into account energy and water saving techniques.

Wrapping around the thick concrete is a glass façade that protrudes from different angles. Often referred to as ‘blobitecture,’ the exterior takes on the formation of a continuously growing organism. The triangular glass panels allow natural light to flood the interior, showcasing the cascading steel and concrete spiraling staircase.

The museum was constructed by Beck Group and opened for the first time at 11:11 A.M. on January 11, 2011.

photos and information © Urukia Magazine

DISCLAIMER: This project does not feature ALPOLIC Materials. The Architecture, Design and Sustainability sections of our blog are for global projects that we find remarkable.

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