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June 28, 2011

Booth Display Adds Wow Factor

Booth Display Adds Wow Factor

Making its debut at the 2011 AIA show in New Orleans, a newly designed ALPOLIC® trade show display succeeded in getting attention and raising awareness for the ALPOLIC® brand.

With its artfully arranged graphics, including signage hanging above the booth, the new display and its message are hard to ignore. Incorporated are many of the same conceptual and design elements that were developed for ALPOLIC’s new Website, ad campaign and Design Concept Kit, a leave-behind for architects and designers featuring samples and spec sheets. All of these pieces feature a clean and sophisticated look with abstract shapes showcasing a variety of ALPOLIC® products and finishes.

“ALPOLIC® products set the standard for delivering both sophistication and visual impact,” said Senior Marketing Manager Paul Olson. “We wanted our materials, including our trade show booth display, to reflect that.”

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