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November 29, 2012

Composite Panels: The Cutting Edge Choice for Hospitals

Composite Panels: The Cutting Edge Choice for Hospitals

Renowned for their quality and appearance, aluminum and metal composite panels have become a top choice in architectural design. A perfect fit for heavy-use buildings such as hospitals, composite panels are a strong, long-lasting material. In addition, their diverse range of shapes and colors make composite panels aesthetically desirable as well, allowing healthcare facilities to provide their patients and visitors with a more comfortable environment.

As a material commonly used on exterior envelopes and facades, composite panels often face the risk of degradation due to natural elements like rain, wind, and UV exposure. To prevent damage, increase durability, and reduce maintenance costs, ALPOLIC panels feature a protective coating containing LUMIFLON® FEVE resin. For this reason, healthcare facilities often utilize ALPOLIC panels as a means to prevent the inconvenience and expense of upkeep. As stated by Jane Swayze of Vicwest,

“Hospitals must be structurally sound and remain operational during and after natural disasters. With new laws requiring new and retrofit health facilities to be constructed to resist earthquakes, ALPOLIC’s light weight materials are an excellent choice.”

In addition to their reliability and high performance, composite panels are also cheaper and easier to install, fix, and replace than other, more traditional building materials. With increased flexibility, longevity, and ease of fabrication, ALPOLIC panels are both efficient and affordable. According to Chad Showalter of Metal Design Systems, Inc.,

“ALPOLIC’s aluminum composite panels provided Swedish Covenant Hospital with exceptional paint finishes, high quality of product, and delivery of a material to meet fast track hospital schedules.”

Boasting a wide range of finishes and extensive custom coloring capabilities, ALPOLIC composite panels are also at the forefront of architectural aesthetics. Both modern and decorative, composite panels now play an important role in the architectural appeal of new facilities, as well as in the rejuvenation of pre-existing buildings. As explained by Kori Nichols of Roof Services Corporation,

“Hospitals and healthcare facilities utilize composite panels for state-of-the-art solutions to augment their sterile facades with striking architectural significance and appearance.”

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Featured Fabricators: Altech Panel Systems, Igloo Erectors Ltd, Metal Design Systems Inc., Roof Services Corporation, Vicwest, W.H. Stovall & Company

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