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January 30, 2012

ALPOLIC Case Study: Epic Creative Co-op

ALPOLIC Case Study: Epic Creative Co-op
Project:Epic Creative Co-op
Location:Houston, Texas
Completion:January 2012
Architect:Shapespace’s Jasleen Sarai and Preetal Shah
Designer:Students at the University of Houston’s College of Architecture
Exterior Wall
Panel Manufacturer:
Products:SMX Silver Metallic 4mm, 50″ x 196″ panels
TBL Black 3mm, 51″ x 122″ panels
ABE Blue 4mm, 62″ x 196″ panels
Fabricator:In house

We always encourage clients to use our products creatively. Still, the designs they generate never cease to amaze us. The green movement is nothing new to the world of architecture. It continues to grow and foster creativity with the ability to reuse and repurpose a material.

The concept for the “Epic Creative co-op” began in 2005 when fifth year architectural students from the University of Houston visited the property as part of a class project.

Using eleven old shipping containers, a Texas company created their new video production studio known as Creative Co-op. Epic Software, the company behind the project, wanted to construct a building like no other. They envisioned a unique and conceptual design that used recycled and sustainable materials. In an attempt to keep their expenses low, ALPOLIC contributed by donating obsolete colored materials to the team.

Although our products are typically attached by metal framework, this project used an adhesive application by Franklin International known as Titebond. Epic found new innovative applications for the product as well. After using a majority of the panels for the front exterior and ramp trim applications, the few that were left over were used to fabricate a custom gutter system that carries roof water away from the building.

Except for a few finishing touches, the project is now complete — and it stands as a great example of what can be accomplished using repurposed and environmentally friendly materials.

We congratulate Epic on their amazing project and are pleased to see ALPOLIC put to such good use.

text and images courtesy of © epic software group

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