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March 15, 2012

Fabricators Patina ALPOLIC Copper Panels for Public Library

Fabricators Patina ALPOLIC Copper Panels for Public Library
Project:Moline Public Library
Location:Moline, Illinois
Completion:July 2006
Fabricator:Metal Design Systems, Inc. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Architect:OPN Architects, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
General Contractor:Russell Construction
Panel Manufacturer:ALPOLIC
Products:2mm PE Copper Metal
4mm Mica Platinum
Amount of ALPOLIC Materials Used:Approximately 18,586 square ft.

In 2006, Moline Public Library opened its doors to the public. The 67,000 square ft. building not only premiered as a distinguished center for learning, but also as an innovative architectural attraction.

Going into the project, the architects at OPN sought to design a building that would feature a more contemporary style with the ability to remain relevant in the future. To materialize this idea, plans were drawn to construct a shingle style panel system out of decorative copper panels. In order to keep prices down and durability up, OPN chose to use ALPOLIC’s copper composite material – a product that provides the look and feel of copper, but with a long-lasting finish at only a fraction of the price.

The fabricators at MDS self-aged the ALPOLIC copper material in order to create a custom post-patina effect. Using both the un-altered copper and in-house patina copper, a “living” effect was achieved as the materials continue to age and interact with each change in color. Additional ALPOLIC panels, in the Mica Platinum finish, were used throughout the interior of the library and at the entrance, providing aesthetic appeal and structural support.

Those who worked on the project praised ALPOLIC for its availability and efficient production, and believe the Moline Public Library will “remain a real landmark for years to come.”

photos © Metal Design Systems, Inc.

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