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April 18, 2013

ALPOLIC Aluminum Composite Panels Featured at Iconic Hotel

ALPOLIC Aluminum Composite Panels Featured at Iconic Hotel
Project:Burj Al Arab Hotel
Location:Dubai, UAE
Architect:WS Atkins & Partners
Exterior Panel Manufacturer:Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. Composites Division:
ALPOLIC International
Products:4mm Custom White

Dubai is known for its distinctly extravagant architecture. Home to the most innovative, unique and creative designs, the spark of new construction in Dubai took off in the 1990s. The Burj Al Arab Hotel was the tallest hotel in the world for over a decade. Today, the hotel remains among the world’s tallest structures used exclusively for hospitality.

The Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel in Dubai designed by WS Atkins & Partners. Completed in 1999, the stunning five-star hotel rests on an artificial island constructed 280m offshore. When constructing aquatecture, or even waterfront properties, the materials used need to withstand intense exposure to natural elements. Using custom white aluminum composite ALPOLIC panels, coated in Lumiflon® FEVE resin, salt and wind have had no effect on the exterior ACM.

Lumiflon® FEVE paint resin, commonly used on bridges, boats, and airplanes, creates a strong exterior coating on the ALPOLIC panels. Additionally, acrylic glass was used on the exterior to withstand water pressure, and engineers worked with steel and concrete to protect the foundation from inevitable erosion. The design is meant to mimic the sail of a dhow, a type of Arabian trading vessel seen primarily in the region surrounding the Indian Ocean.

The hotel’s façade features a material called Dyneon, which is a two layered fabric covering over 160,000 square feet of the structure’s exterior. At night, the white fabric is illuminated with multi-colored lights, drawing further attention to the hotel’s sleek design.
The lavish hotel embodies Dubai’s shift from oil producer to economic, business, and architectural superpower. Although some critics believe the extravagance of the hotel is excessive, it is meant to be a symbol of the city’s economic and cultural success.

images © Satoru Mishima, Nikkei BP for Mitsubishi Plastics International

ALPOLIC is proud to sponsor an online Continuing Education course titled "MCM/ACM Paint Systems and the Building Envelope" provided by Ron Blank & Associates, Inc.

Course number: ALP07B
Credits: 1 AIA HSW CE Hour

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