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August 3, 2015

Inspired By Nature: Our New Matte Series

Inspired By Nature: Our New Matte Series

Countless architects around the world have found inspiration in the incredible color and gloss range of our aluminum composite material finishes. Now, they can take inspiration from the colors of nature with our new Matte Series finishes, drawn from the living earth’s subtle palette.

Our aluminum and metal composite materials have helped transform the face of contemporary architecture. Skylines are bolder. Colors are brighter. Possibilities are grander. But sometimes it’s good to stay grounded – to honor the earth that gives birth to everything. That’s what our new Matte Series finishes are all about.

Available in both our traditional ALPOLIC®/PE and fire-retardant ALPOLIC®/fr aluminum composite materials, these new finishes are initially being offered in:

• Limestone Blue (LBM): A quietly cool matte finish that suggests physical strength with an invigorating freshness.

• Clay Red (CLM): A rich, earthy red inspired by the warm soils of Georgia and the sandstones of the desert Southwest.

• Olive Green (OGM): A muted, gray-green matte finish with the organic look of California sagebrush or a Sicilian olive grove.

• River Rock Gray (RRM): An understated gray that can give your project a calm elegance or provide a foundation for more vivid explorations.

• Slate Black (BSM): An inky black with a matte finish that deepens the dramatic effect and provides a sophisticated offset to other design elements.

• Cloud White (CWM): A clean matte finish that brings a sense of pure luminance to your project.

Each of these new matte finishes has a Gloss Unit rating of 6, compared to the GU range of 30–70 typical of ALPOLIC® finishes you may have used in the past. Our advanced die coating process using high-performance fluoropolymer resins ensures a consistent, smooth finish, backed by a 20-year warranty.

Nature is remarkable in its diversity. The diversity of ALPOLIC® finishes just got a little more remarkable, too. Request a Matte Series finish sample today and bring your architectural vision to earth.

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