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June 21, 2012

Prismatic ALPOLIC Panels Transform Canadian Bus Station

Prismatic ALPOLIC Panels Transform Canadian Bus Station
Project:Sorensen Station Parkade and Transit Terminal
Location:Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Fabricator/Installer:Igloo Erectors Ltd., Calgary, Alberta
Architect:John Murray Architectural Associates Ltd., Red Deer, Alberta
General Contractor:Shunda Consulting & Construction Management Ltd.
Exterior Wall
Panel Manufacturer:
Products:ALPOLIC 4mm FR; Custom Prismatic Finishes Series
Completion:July 2010

Described as one of their “most interesting and challenging” jobs, fabricators at Igloo Erectors Ltd. finished their work on the Sorensen Station Parkade and Transit Terminal in mid-2010. Named for one of Red Deer’s most well respected citizens, Gordon Lloyd Sorensen, the facility’s title pays homage to the local man who began the city’s bus system back in 1957.

Now open for daily and monthly parking, residents and businesses are offered over 300 monthly parking stalls as well as 100 daily spots. Additionally, the three-story building also allows for expanded Transit office space, public washrooms, kiosk rentals, and a customer service center.

The designers at John Murray Architectural Associates called for the use of ALPOLIC’s Prismatic series to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the new facility. Desiring a color that resembled orange juice, ALPOLIC customized a prismatic finish to be featured on the main areas of the Parkade, as well as several other personalized prismatic shades.

Those involved with the project commented on the “awe” of the color-changing ALPOLIC material, and are pleased with the facility’s contribution to Red Deer’s overall downtown revitalization.

images © Igloo Erectors Ltd.

information © the City of Red Deer

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