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June 28, 2011

Shipping Containers As Building Blocks

Shipping Containers As Building Blocks

It’s a well-worn axiom of the green movement. Don’t trash if you can repurpose. But what new use can you find for a bunch of old shipping containers? A company in Texas decided they’d make great building blocks for their new video production studio. This project was so cool, we were happy to donate materials just to be a part of it.

Take 11 old shipping containers. Stack them just so. Then build a video production studio around them using the containers as the building’s core. That was the amazing concept that has since come to fruition in the form of the Creative Co-op, a new studio near Houston, Texas.

Vic Cherubini runs the company that built the Creative Co-op. As the idea began to take shape, he described the project this way: “I don’t want a building like everyone else’s. I want one that gets you excited about coming to work in the morning.”

Part of the strategy was to use upcycled, recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible. Building the structure around repurposed shipping containers obviously put the project on the green movement’s leading edge. Using highly sustainable materials like ALPOLIC helped the project carry through on its green theme.

Another one of the major goals for this project was to keep costs as low as possible. Toward that end, ALPOLIC was glad to donate the following materials, much of it from obsolete colors and product type:

SMX Silver Metallic 4mm, 50" x 196" panels
NNR Nissan Red 4mm, 62" x 123” panels
TBL Black 3mm, 51" x 122" panels
ABE Blue 4mm, 62" x 196" panels

For this project especially, ALPOLIC was proud to pitch in and help – from one innovator to another.

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