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March 27, 2012

Bloomberg Pavilion by Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office

Bloomberg Pavilion by Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office

The Bloomberg Pavilion
Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office
Tokyo, Japan

Financial information provider, Bloomberg, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo commissioned architect, Akihisa Hirata, to create an installation piece to inspire a new generation of artists. The Bloomberg Pavilion, constructed in 2011 at the museum’s main entrance, serves not only as an artistic work itself, but also as an exhibition for young local artists to showcase their work.

Exquisite in his execution, Akihisa Hirata sought for the installation to mimic a tree in both functionality and design. Comprised of a series of triangular metal panels, the exterior of the structure branches outward, producing shade within the interior. To replicate the repetition of tree limbs, Hirata created a pleated design, from which sunlight is reflected from the white metal panels.

The installation is quite intoxicating with the pliable metal resembling folds in origami paper.

images © takumi ota + akihisa hirata architecture office, courtesy of museum of contemporary art tokyo + designboom

text © museum of contemporary art tokyo

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