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July 31, 2012

Unusually Shaped Building Honors Japanese Architect Toyo Ito

Unusually Shaped Building Honors Japanese Architect Toyo Ito

Project: "Steel Hut," Toyo Ito Architecture Museum
Location: Imabari, Japan
Architect/Design Firm: Toyo Ito & Associates
Construction: July 2011

The “Steel Hut” is one of two buildings that comprise the Toyo Ito Architecture Museum. Opened in July 2011, this museum is the first in Japan to be dedicated to an individual architect. The commended architect, Toyo Ito, is also the designer of both structures.

“Steel Hut” houses an exhibition of Ito’s works. The building consists of four multi-faceted polyhedral structures that were freely assembled and then closely packed together. The irregularly shaped exterior of the building is made of monolithic steel and was sculpted to mimic the deck of a ship. The unusual shape of the building creates an incredible contrast to the coastal landscape of the Seto Inland Sea.

The interior of the structure is even more dramatically angled to create a sort of driving force that moves a visitor from room to room within the exhibition. Covered in birch wood and minimalistic design, the “Steel Hut” seems to be exceptionally unique from the inside out.

photos © Ken Lee 2010 and Toyo Ito Architecture Museum

information © designboom and arcspace

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