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March 29, 2012

ALPOLIC Materials Used at Wells Fargo Banks Nationwide

ALPOLIC Materials Used at Wells Fargo Banks Nationwide
Project:Wells Fargo Bank
Location:3,800 Nationwide
Architect:Bedrock Brands, Oakland, California
General Contractor:Various
Exterior Wall
Panel Manufacturer:
Products:4mm PE ALPOLIC Panels, WRY Custom Red
Quantity of ALPOLIC
Materials Used:
Approx. 659,000 square ft.

Since acquiring Wachovia, Wells Fargo has greatly increased both their client base and number of locations. With new branches opening up all across the country, Wells Fargo looked to ALPOLIC as a means to ensure the new buildings would be aesthetically up to par.

Driven by the merge, Wells Fargo sought to make certain the new stores would be representative of the brand. Thanks to ALPOLIC’s custom coloring capabilities, the designers at Bedrock were able to do so by obtaining a custom shade of red more relative to that of the bank’s logo.

The custom red ALPOLIC material would then be used for the staging panels on the front and sides of the building, as well on the ATM header. The new color would be utilized with the intent of giving more “pop” to the bright yellow Wells Fargo channel letters.

In total, the 3,800 Wells Fargo locations feature approximately 659,000 square feet of ALPOLIC material. In addition to being accommodating to color needs, ALPOLIC was also chosen for this project due to its durability, finish warranty, and dimensional stability.

photos © Ludlow Group
text © Bedrock Brands

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