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Retrofitting with ALPOLIC Metal Composite Materials

Retrofitting with ALPOLIC Metal Composite Materials

With a focus on cost savings and environmental stewardship, retrofitting is a popular choice for building owners and designers. Whether the building façade is worn, dated or just unattractive, the best choice for modernizing the look of a structurally sound building is to clad it in ALPOLIC Metal Composite Materials (MCM).

Typically much less expensive than demolishing and rebuilding, MCM cladding is ideal because it can be attached to block, brick, steel studs — virtually any substrate. Composite, in particular aluminum composite material (ACM), is extremely lightweight, easy to fabricate and available with a fire-retardant core for buildings that are more than 40 feet in height.  Offered in the widest variety of colors and finishes in the industry, ALPOLIC Materials have the versatility to meet both your design and safety requirements.

LBJ retrofit project before and after

Often, the decision to retrofit is inspired by a dedication to green building. To bring an older building up to current energy code standards, wrapping the building in continuous insulation and cladding with ALPOLIC delivers both energy efficiency and visual appeal. And our virtually 100% recyclable materials are manufactured with sustainability in mind and come with some of the industry’s best finish warranties.

Retrofit your building with MCM and the cost savings can add up quickly —less upfront cost, low maintenance costs, less construction time, and the potential for improved energy efficiency. Composite is the ideal choice because of its design flexibility and the variety of colors and finishes. What’s old is new again with ALPOLIC. Contact your regional sales manager for more information.

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