ALPOLIC Materials
ALPOLIC Materials

A Note For Our Neighbors in Chesapeake, Virginia.

January 26, 2022

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ALPOLIC Americas, it is still common to find locals who are surprised to hear about our company. 

Where we are.

If you’re in Chesapeake, you’ve likely passed us often. Right off the intersection of Volvo Parkway and Crossways Boulevard, there’s a large sign that reads Mitsubishi Chemical America. Behind the woods, down a winding road lined with cherry blossom trees, you’ll find the headquarters and production for the ALPOLIC division of MCA. 

What we do.

If you’re a building design professional, you’re likely very familiar with metal composite materials. If not, you might be asking if we sell cars or wondering about the chemicals part of our name. We manufacture a hard product for the construction industry referred to as MCM. You’ve likely seen our materials on gas station canopies and quick service restaurants. It’s the bright and shiny painted metal. But we’re also on landmarks across Hampton Roads, like the new STIHL complex in Virginia Beach, Sentara Obici in Suffolk, and the beautiful Dollar Tree building just across the way. 

Committed to green manufacturing, we recycle millions of pounds of post-consumer and industrial plastics each year and turn that into durable composite building products used for signs and skyscrapers and everything in between. 

Who we are.

When ALPOLIC Americas began operations in 1991, we started with about 40 employees. Today we employ over 160 people, some of whom have been with us from the beginning. We live and work here in Hampton Roads and take corporate stewardship seriously; maintaining safety as our first priority and working with local organizations to give back to our community. Partnering with Tidewater Community College, and giving to charities like the Chesapeake Humane Society, Ronald McDonald House, Southeastern Food Bank, and more.

Thanks, Chesapeake, for an incredible 30 years of growth and innovation. We look forward to building on that success in the years to come.