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ALPOLIC® Composite Metals


GRAPHIC-AL™ aluminum composite materials are lightweight panels with thinner aluminum skins designed for printed displays, architectural signs, canopies and other metal signage applications. Three different types are available to suit particular application requirements, from super-lightweight signage and displays to high-performance outdoor canopy, fascia and architectural signs.


Museum exhibits, retail displays, wayfinding signs, gas station canopies, retail fascia, architectural signage – all have their unique material requirements. Whether lightweight or high-performance, indoor or outdoor, painted or printed, GRAPHIC-AL™ has an aluminum composite material designed to handle the job beautifully. And with exceptional flatness, rigidity, stability and durability, GRAPHIC-AL™ materials will keep your architectural signage, canopies and displays looking great for years to come.


All GRAPHIC-AL™ products are designed for easy fabrication using ordinary woodworking tools – while offering durability for lasting performance in all kinds of signage applications.

GRAPHIC-AL™ LT is a reversible panel with 0.010" polyester-painted aluminum skins bonded to both sides of a solid polyethylene core. Compatible with graphic films and screen printing, this material is easy to work yet tough enough to stand up to exterior loading.

GRAPHIC-AL™ HP offers the same composite construction as GRAPHIC-AL™ LT, but is coil-coated with a high-performance paint backed by a 10-year finish warranty. It’s the perfect choice for canopies, fascia, signage and other applications requiring maximum durability and weatherability.

GRAPHIC-AL™ DP offers all the advantages of GRAPHIC-AL™ OR in a composite panel designed specifically for direct-print applications – including compatibility with flatbed printers and UV-curable ink.

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