Signature Look. Sustainable Future.

Our commitment is to efficiency, sustainability, and recovery of materials for a better product, a cleaner environment, and a healthier planet.

With ALPOLIC® materials, sustainability begins even before the manufacturing process as we select only the highest quality recycled materials to maintain product integrity. Many of our metal composite materials contain a substantial amount of post-consumer recycled materials and are manufactured to be the finest architectural sheets of their kind available.

By reducing the raw materials used in our product lines and reclaiming production waste for reuse or recycling, we actively strive each day to reduce our energy consumption and environmental impact. Operation Encore allows ALPOLIC to accept used materials, separate them, and send them on to the appropriate industry recycling streams. Through Operation Encore, our materials are nearly 100% recyclable when it’s time for a building to be renovated and re-clad.

Our Pallet Return Program has created value for our customers and kept ALPOLIC pallets from landfills. Under this program, qualified pallets can be returned to our American headquarters for material credit and put back to use. It supports our customer’s bottom line and supports our commitment to green manufacturing.

Advancing these efforts speaks to our corporate philosophy of KAITEKI, an expression that reflects our commitment to people and our planet. We want to be good neighbors to our community of Hampton Roads and put the safety of our team ahead of profits. Transparency is key to building that trust and we support it by publishing our EPD and OESR reports on our Technical Resources page. We think this highlights our commitment to responsible manufacturing processes.

Our architectural customers seem to appreciate this attention to detail when it comes to the buildings that feature our panels. Many of our Architectural stock colors meet the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) requirement of 29 or greater for steep-slope roofs. We provide the Solar Reflectance Index for all architectural stock finishes, as well as LEED Contribution Datasheets to help you calculate your credits, building earns toward LEED certification for sustainable architecture.