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Gas station canopies, signs and façades that cost less and provide longer-lasting beauty.

There’s competition for the attention of passing drivers at just about every street corner and highway exit. Motorists are looking for the brands they trust.

Establishing that brand identity, and making it stand out from the rest, depends on accurate corporate colors. To keep loyal customers coming back, gas station design needs a clean, contemporary look. A look that reflects the consistent quality of the fuel and automotive products people trust to use in their personal vehicles.

With many thousands of stations, and more being built all the time, petroleum companies also need building materials that are easy to install. Adaptable to gas station design requirements for virtually any location and layout. Extremely durable and easy to maintain. With all those challenges, it’s no wonder that gas station designs around the world use ALPOLIC® materials.

ACM is light, strong, durable, easy to fabricate using ordinary wood-working tools, and is available in colors to match any corporate identity. That’s the beauty of ALPOLIC® materials.

Location: VA, United States of America
Chevron Gas Station
Location: Monroe, WA, United States of America
Chevron Gas Station
Pioneer/Verve Gas Station
Location: Ontario, Canada
ARCHITECT: Lintack Architects Inc.; Hamilton Ontario Canada
Pioneer/Verve Gas Station
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