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sustainable future
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About ALPOLIC® Materials
As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum and metal composite
materials, ALPOLIC® Materials carefully considers every detail of the manufacturing,
distribution and sales process. Our composite metals are manufactured in Chesapeake,
VA from up to 50% recycled materials. After fabrication, the panels are shipped to their
destinations, ready to change the facade of structures around the world. Exceptional
projects deserve exceptional materials. Demand ALPOLIC®.
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ALPOLIC® materials are high-quality aluminum and metal composite sheets,
95% of which are manufactured in the United States.
Over 100 Styles Available
Over 100 Styles Available
Our selection of colors and finishes is unmatched,
as is the quality of our manufacturing & distribution.
Ideal Finishes For Your Design
Ideal Finishes For Your Design
Our premium products have inspired new aesthetics and enabled new design possibilities for decades.
Environmentally-Friendly & Beautiful
Environmentally-Friendly & Beautiful
We utilize recycled materials and make our products 100% recyclable for a better future.
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Visionaries, Creatives, & Innovators
ALPOLIC® is the metal composite material manufacturer & supplier to use when you want to get noticed and win awards.
Eco-Friendly, Green, Environmental Sustainability
ALPOLIC® is the manufacturer dedicated to minimum eco impact through responsible recycling.
Brand Recognition & Association of ALPOLIC®
ALPOLIC® is the manufacturer & supplier of metal composite material that turn heads, get recognized & create brand associations.
City of Chesapeake Launches National Manufacturing Week
October 15, 2018
When Tidewater Community College decided to expand its curriculum to include mechatronics three years ago, it reached out to local industry professionals. ALPOLIC® helped to create a tailored program to
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5 Reasons Metal Wall Panels are a Smart Choice
September 20, 2018
As architects seek more variety and sustainable building materials, metal wall panels made from recycled aluminum offer a solution. When it comes to green—and versatile—options, ALPOLIC®, the world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum
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Tiny house highlights ALPOLIC®'s versatility
August 10, 2018
For the 2018 AIA Convention and Trade Show, Building, Design + Construction magazine debuted its Design Showcase exhibit—a one-of-a-kind tiny house, representing the “Workplace of the Future.” This unique structure, designed and constructed by Tiny
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Metal Composite Materials Engineer Sound and Inspire Bold Designs
May 18, 2018
High vaulted ceilings are a challenge to acoustical engineers looking to control, direct and amplify sounds to create a dynamic listening experience. LMN Architects approached the design for the new Voxman Music
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ALPOLIC® Names New President, Promotes New Directors
April 6, 2018
(Chesapeake, VA) April 5, 2018 – ALPOLIC®, a division of Mitsubishi Chemical Composites America (MCCA) and a global leader in metal composite materials manufacturing, announced today that William “Bill” Yannetti
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Can You Identify This Cladding Material?
March 1, 2018
Many architects swear by MCM for aesthetics, endurance, and unmatched color retention.Ask 10 architects if they’ve ever specified this cladding material and it’s a safe bet most will answer “no,”
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ALPOLIC® Panels Installed In Indiana Church Project
December 18, 2017
ALPOLIC® is proud to have supplied nearly 8,000 square feet of metal composite materials in four finishes - BSX, PEX, HNB and Stainless - for both the interior and exterior
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Combustible Exterior Wall "Cladding" Systems: An ICC Perspective
October 30, 2017
ICC Combustible Exterior Wall Cladding
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ALPOLIC® Adorns "River City" Project in Toronto
September 6, 2017
Along the banks of the Don River in downtown Toronto, four unique, sloped-sided buildings with protruding extrusions have taken shape.  This new, multi-family housing complex is the vision of Saucier+Perrotte
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Statement on ACM/MCM Fire Safety in the United States and Canada
June 28, 2017
The following is a statement from ALPOLIC®'s leadership team on ACM/MCM fire safety.A PDF of the statement can be downloaded here.
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MCM Fire Performance Testing in the United States and Canada
June 16, 2017
Recent global fire events have heightened the awareness regarding the use of metal composite material (MCM). Safeguards in place in North America help to ensure these types of fire incidents
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