Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. offers industry-leading warranties for ALPOLIC® MCM, depending on the product line, project, finish, core, location and other relevant factors.  No warranty is applicable or binding unless a formal written warranty specific to your project is executed by MCA.

Warranties will be returned to you and digitally signed by an ALPOLIC® representative via email. If you have any questions, please contact

Warranty Request

    Provide the 5 to 6-digit ALPOLIC Order Number or 8-digit ALPOLIC Invoice Number

    Warranty will only be issued to one person or company. To Whom should the warranties be made out (company or person)

    Project Details

    Project Application

    NOTE: Each color must be broken down by square feet. Warranty cannot be issued without square footage per color. Brake metal materials-only warranty available on select colors.
    **Please refer to the Perforated / Exposed Edge Applications and Application – Exposed Edge bulletins to determine if either apply to your project.

    Requester Contact Information

    NOTE: No finish warranty is available on Copper, Stainless, Zinc or Titanium as there is no finish applied and the metal will age in accordance with the environment and the metal's characteristics. Limited warranty available on brake metal. No finish warranties available for polyester finishes. PE core will not be warranted above 40' from grade.