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Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. offers a wide variety of long term warranties for its ALPOLIC® panels, depending on product line, project, finish, core, location and other relevant factors.  The following are sample forms, for reference only.  No warranty is applicable or binding unless a formal written warranty specific to your project is executed by MCA.  For more information about your project’s specific warranty, please contact us,

All required information must be completed. If not provided, ALPOLIC® will not be able to proceed with processing your warranty request until all required information is received. If you have any questions, please contact For PDF version click here.

Warranties will be returned to you and digitally signed by an ALPOLIC® representative via email. No warranties available on Brake Metal.

By filling out this form, you consent to allow ALPOLIC® to collect your information.

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    NOTE: No finish warranty is available on Copper, Stainless or Titanium as there is no finish applied and the metal will age in accordance with the environment and the metal's characteristics. No finish warranties available for polyester finishes.

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    NOTE: Each color must be broken down by square feet. Warranty cannot be issued without square footage per color.

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