April 22, 2020

A unifying motto among the various companies within Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group is the goal of realizing KAITEKI. It refers to “a sustainable condition which is beneficial for people, society and the Earth.”

KAITEKI is a Japanese word that means comfort. It is often hard to understand literal translations without context. Comfort is not something that naturally comes to mind when considering metal composite materials. However, the intent is genuine. 

At ALPOLIC, we want to offer our customers a sense of security that our products will be manufactured at a consistently high standard, never compromising on quality. 

Our manufacturing process utilizes highly recycled content, producing nearly 100% recyclable products, in conditions that reduce waste, virtually eliminate VOCs and ultimately provide reassurance in our commitment to environmental stewardship. 

Locally manufactured in Chesapeake, Virginia, ALPOLIC Americas prides itself on being engaged in the community and has created a team that is more like a family. We support regional education and training opportunities in addition to local charitable organizations. Our employees can rest easy in the promise that safety is our priority, that we will be good neighbors and provide leadership to our community. 

Security, reassurance, trust -- comfort. This comes to the heart of our business and is expressed in our company vision statement.

At ALPOLIC®, we are committed to the philosophy of KAITEKI, or comfort through sustainability. As a leader in our industry, we realize this through environmentally conscious production of metal composite materials that provide safe and beautiful solutions for innovative projects. 

ALPOLIC provides more than just exceptional products. We provide sustainable materials with a focus on how our practices affect the world around us. Read more about our sustainability program on our Technical Resources page.

Photo: Members of the ALPOLIC team came together last year for a campus beautification project.