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January 31, 2013

ALPOLIC Surpasses Competitive ACM On Washington Healthcare Facility

ALPOLIC Surpasses Competitive ACM On Washington Healthcare Facility
Project:Mill Creek Campus/Swedish Medical Center
Location:Mill Creek, Washington
Fabricator/Installer:Bestworth-Rommel, Inc.
Architect:Mahlum Architects
General Contractor:Ballard Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
Exterior Panel Manufacturer:ALPOLIC
Products:4mm MCU Mica Champagne
Completion:February 2011

Mill Creek Campus is an addition to the Swedish Medical Center in Mill Creek, Washington. It features exemplary emergency services, an advanced diagnostic imaging center, on-site laboratory services, and primary, special-care and rehabilitation services, all within an 83,000 square-foot facility.

Healthcare facilities are considered heavy-use buildings because they often accommodate people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Due to that sort of continuous use, building materials are a crucial element in their design to reduce the inconvenience and cost of maintenance. Becoming increasingly prevalent in new construction, aluminum and metal composite panels are a leader in architectural building materials. Composite panels are cheaper and easier to install, fix, and replace than other, more traditional exterior materials.

When designing the Mill Creek Campus, ALPOLIC® was specified by the fabricators at Bestworth-Rommel because of the material’s proven durability, longevity, warranty, appearance and malleability. Even proving superior against competitive ACM, which often experiences delamination and finish failure. Additionally, the flexibility of the composite allowed for an architect’s design to be realized without compromising aesthetics. According to Charlie LaNasa of Bestworth-Rommel,

“In my many years, we have never had an ALPOLIC® project delaminate on the building. The finish is also robust, with millions of square feet of material installed without significant finish degradation.”

Using a mica product instead of a full metallic finish, the fabricators’ were able to achieve a gorgeous yet subtle exterior. The building’s design offers patients and visitors a comfortable, convenient, aesthetically pleasing healthcare facility.

images and information © Bestworth-Rommel, Inc.

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