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April 19, 2012

Cladco Creates Leaf Motif Using ALPOLIC Materials

Cladco Creates Leaf Motif Using ALPOLIC Materials
Project:Pickering Town Centre
Location:Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Fabricator/Installer:Cladco Ltd., Ontario, Canada
Architect:Petroff Partnership Architects, Ontario, Canada
General Contractor:Charter Building Company
Panel Manufacturer:ALPOLIC
Products:ALPOLIC 4mm ACM;
RVW White, TOB Black
Completion:November 2009

Located in Pickering, Ontario, the Pickering Town Centre was renovated in 2009 and re-imaged to encapsulate a unifying “leaf motif”. Featured at the six entrances of the shopping center, as well as on the interior elevator, ALPOLIC ACM panels were chosen to highlight the new additions.

For the design, a monochromatic color scheme was used to juxtapose a white ALPOLIC ACM leaf cutout with contrasting black ALPOLIC panels. Three of the entrances utilized a hung panel design system by which the leaf panels were attached to 18” protruding steel rods using a finished panel edge. Three additional entrances used a typical standard ACM route and return dry joint system.

Additionally, each leaf tower entrance illuminates at night using a unique color that lights up the cavity between the ALPOLIC panels and the stucco. Entrance 6, for example, lights up yellow to aid customers in identifying the entrance at which they parked their vehicle. The leaf motif design is also carried throughout the interior and is visible on the elevator where a reverse mirror image was implemented across the two-story shaft.

When asked why ALPOLIC had been chosen, the fabricators at Cladco stated that the material was the superior product for the application based on its light weight, rigidity, and extremely flat features.

information and images courtesy of © Cladco Ltd.

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