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October 18, 2012

Composite Panels: A Contemporary Choice for Educational Facilities

Composite Panels: A Contemporary Choice for Educational Facilities

The use of ALPOLIC aluminum and metal composite panels on educational facilities is on the rise. Recognized for its durability, composite materials can withstand the wear and tear that comes from a building being used by thousands of students, faculty, and staff on a daily basis.

Whether in classrooms, libraries, or sports stadiums, heavy use throughout the school year prevents these buildings from being able to undergo maintenance without extreme inconvenience. To prevent this hassle, as well as reduce any hazards caused by a cheaply built structure, ALPOLIC provides a material that is sturdy, reliable, and needs little to no maintenance.

When used on exterior envelopes and facades, architectural materials are left exposed to a variety of natural elements, including UV radiation, wind, and rain. To prevent increased degradation from these factors, a protective coating containing Lumiflon FEVE Resin is applied to ALPOLIC’s panels as a means to reduce deterioration, increase longevity, and keep industrial maintenance costs low.

Should any damage of the material occur, composite panels are cheaper and easier to fix or replace than other, more traditional building materials. Additionally, the unmatched warranty offered by ALPOLIC makes the entire process more efficient and affordable than ever.

Archbishop MacDonald High School
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Although more traditional architectural materials, such as concrete and steel, are still prevalent in educational facilities today, architects are now also using more modern and decorative materials as well. Increased flexibility, a wider range of finishes, and custom coloring capabilities are all benefits gained from the use of ALPOLIC panels. The fabricators at Vicwest believe,

"...ACM is a great way to modernize an outdated look of an existing building and provide an architectural appeal to new facilities especially in entrance ways. Alpolic’s ability to color match specifically with school colors adds to any schools branding strategies."

Great Neck Middle School
Virginia Beach, VA

Available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing shades, and malleable enough to fit nearly any form, composite materials allow for a more current design compared to the rigid exteriors often seen in older educational facilities. According to Roof Services Corporation, "…composite panels are the cutting edge - being unique and dynamic in the architectural world…the metal can look like marble, wood or texturized panels…"

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