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Crocs Flagship Storefront Emblazoned with Custom Colors

...To create the stunning surface of the structure and capture the vibrant colors of Crocs’ green and yellow, 4,341 square feet of ALPOLIC®/fr fire-resistant 4mm metal panels were painted with Valspar’s Valflon coating, which uses an advanced die coating process. To achieve the custom Crocs green color, Dell’Olio supplied the Pantone value and Valspar’s laboratory was able to perfectly match the coating for the company’s new storefront.

Valspar’s Valflon coating was selected to adorn the metal due to its vivid finish that will uphold its integrity for years to come. Additionally, the coating has excellent color cohesion and adhesion, and offers resistance to airborne chemicals, acid rain and most cleaning solvents used to vanquish graffiti...

Read more on our feature on Architect Magazine.

Crocs Flagship Store in NY City Using Alpolic Materials
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