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Zinc Elements Series

Our premium natural metal in a variety of hues offers a timeless elegance and affordable luxury.

Proven S-134 Fire Standards
Safe and Beautiful

Incredible results demonstrate the code compliance of ALPOLIC®/fr across North America.

Featured Project

This bold retreat home redefines luxury in Napa Valley with prefabrication and sustainable ALPOLIC MCM.

Exceptional Projects Deserve
Exceptional Materials

ALPOLIC® is proud to be a global leader in metal composite manufacturing. Our commitment to quality, sustainability and customer care is unmatched.  With a nearly unlimited selection of colors and finishes, premium ALPOLIC materials demand to be noticed in any setting.

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We offer an extensive selection of both coil-coated paint and natural metal finishes. No one offers more MCM colors or finish choices than ALPOLIC.

Unparalleled Quality.
Meticulous manufacturing begins with premium materials. Our exacting die coating and trimmed edges set ALPOLIC apart. Quality backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.
Virtually Endless Options.
Our selection of colors and finishes is second to none. With more stocked colors, the widest gloss range and precision color match capability, you’ll never need to compromise your design with ALPOLIC.
World-class Service & Support.
Fast lead times, short run production capabilities and a reputation for responsive customer care. ALPOLIC is ready to support your project from ideation to installation.
We Are ALPOLIC: Meet Candice Rambo

Historically women have had less representation in the manufacturing and engineering space, but that is changing due to women like Candice Rambo, who has worked her way up in traditionally

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Zinc Cladding Gives Distinction to Renovations at Johns Hopkins University

Founded in 1876, Johns Hopkins University was the first research university in the United States and is still considered one of the top universities in the country. Nestled in charming

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