ALPOLIC Announces Latest Certified S134 Fire Test
ALPOLIC Announces Latest Certified S134 Fire Test

ALPOLIC Announces Latest Certified S134 Fire Test

March 23, 2022

Seeing is believing, and there can be little doubt of the suitability of code-compliant ALPOLIC metal composite materials (MCM) for the construction of buildings across Canada that are both safe and beautiful. The ALPOLIC division of Mitsubishi Chemical America is therefore pleased to share the results of our most recent Canadian full-scale wall assembly test, the S134.

What is the S134?

The ULC CAN S134 Standard Method of Fire Test of Exterior Wall Assemblies is used to evaluate the fire performance of the combined components of a wall. The test measures the fire spread and burning characteristics of an exterior wall with controlled fire exposure. The S134 ensures compliance with the National Building Code of Canada.

Neil Ferdowsi of Cladco Limited, a premier distributor, fabricator, and installer of ALPOLIC MCM for over a decade, describes the test setup as “a full system, very similar to what you would have on a real building.” After putting a panelized MCM system on extrusions, it is erected over a vapor barrier and insulation onto the test wall of gypsum board and concrete. At the bottom of the wall is the furnace. “What this test does is it resembles a fire on a building, where the fire starts in the unit and comes out the window, then starts crawling up the wall,” continued Ferdowsi. Heat transfer is measured with three flux sensors above the window.

Why the S134 test matters

“ALPOLIC/fr ACM is S134 tested which is the Canadian industry’s gold standard test for fire-resistant materials on buildings over 40’ in height.  The S134 standard is critical to the ACM industry as it provides an unbiased, standardized, independent lab-tested safety baseline. It is critical for the ACM manufacturer and is also required by the various national and local building codes.”

As a leading fabricator and distributor of ALPOLIC in Canada, Ferdowsi values the strategic partnership. “The results of this test reaffirm what we already know: the combination of the Cladco 2000 system and ALPOLIC’s fire-resistant composite are the building wall assembly of choice for North America.”

Choosing the right materials

ALPOLIC/fr is a fire-resistant MCM composed of two thin panels of aluminum laminated to either side of a mineral-filled thermoplastic core. It sets the industry standard for fire safety while offering the rigidity of heavy-gauge sheet metal in a lightweight material that is easy to fabricate. 4mm ALPOLIC/fr aluminum composite material (ACM) was featured in the Cladco C2000 ACM system which produced these incredible S134 results.

Ferdowsi explained the Cladco C2000 system utilizes ALPOLIC because it is a premium yet cost-effective cladding solution for projects across the construction industry. Cladco is proud to be an innovator in the industry, providing client-tailored consultancy and a one-stop shop for service and engineering. And now it can boast of having an Intertek-tested system.

In this trial by fire, ALPOLIC/fr is an assuredly code-compliant cladding material that has redefined landscapes across Canada with fabricators like Cladco.

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We also invite you to schedule the ALPOLIC AIA continuing education course Metal Composite Material (MCM) Building Code Fire Requirements.

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