ALPOLIC MCM Brings Aesthetic Beauty To Restaurant Design
ALPOLIC MCM Brings Aesthetic Beauty To Restaurant Design

ALPOLIC MCM Brings Aesthetic Beauty To Restaurant Design

February 23, 2022

With over one million restaurants in the United States, according to the National Restaurant Association, people have an abundance of dining choices: from formal sit-down venues to convenient counter service. While food quality and friendly service play important roles in where people choose to eat, ambience and eye-catching design can also influence appetites.

In choosing materials to build a fine dining, fast casual, or food court establishment, ALPOLIC products offer multiple advantages.

ALPOLIC MCM brings aesthetic beauty to any dining experience.

Stacey Bouwman, Senior Designer at Aria Group Architects, Inc., noted during specification how our Champagne Mica finish provided what they needed for the design of a recently built Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant.

“We specify composite metal panels for most of Cooper’s Hawk’s locations. The applications have ranged from an accent material to cladding large portions of the façade,” said Bouwman. “For the Virginia Beach location, ALPOLIC panels were used as façade cladding on the entry tower as well as accents on other areas of the building. The versatility and look of the material works well for Cooper’s Hawk, since each location is designed with unique elements and an upscale modern aesthetic.”

The Cooper's Hawk brand is known for cohesive design among their more than forty locations. ALPOLIC Charcoal and Mica Grey finishes feature on another restaurant in Illinois.

Fabricators can roll or bend our metal composite sheets into practically any shape without compromising the color and install cut panels using a number of attachment system.

ALPOLIC has your color.

Franchisees and restaurateurs with multiple locations rely on consistent branding to build customer loyalty. Our partnership with Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings allows us to extrude any shade of red, yellow, orange or other color representative of a restaurant’s identity onto our aluminum composite materials, allowing for distribution of identical finishes to multiple destinations.

“The exterior ALPOLIC MCM panels create an architectural element on the facade that is clean, attractive and inviting to explore the inside,” says Octavio Diaz, Senior Manager of National Corporate Identity Sales for ALPOLIC. Through ALPOLIC’s Corporate Identity program, the world’s top restaurant chains can find their exact color match on our MCM. 

ALPOLIC refreshes outdated designs.

As a new restaurant moves into a vacated space, it’s a challenge to supplant outdated elements and identifiers of the previous tenant. On the same note, established businesses seeking to modernize their brands may find it more cost-effective to renovate a current location than rebuild.

When used to retrofit building envelopes, ALPOLIC MCM transforms an expired look into a new opportunity for increased patronage. The superior flatness and light weight of our materials allows for easy installation to meet your construction schedule.

Beauty, comfort and functionality in a restaurant’s architecture help ensure longevity for a business in this billion-dollar industry. With ALPOLIC, eateries of every cuisine and style can find the right color branding for success.

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Photography courtesy of Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant.

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