Crossroads Commerce Center - North Brunswick, NJ
Crossroads Commerce Center - North Brunswick, NJ

Crossroads Commerce Center - North Brunswick, NJ

November 15, 2023

Crossroads Commerce Center of North Brunswick, NJ Features ALPOLIC MCM

The network of interconnected highways in the mid-Atlantic act as an artery, bringing to life the commercial corridor of the northeast. Ready to capitalize on the infrastructure and provide innovative supply chain resources, the new Crossroads Commerce Center is now open for business. This 191,481 square-foot logistics distribution center is conveniently located just off US Route 1, in North Brunswick, NJ, at the entry of the greater New York City metro area.

Principal Asset Management, through its dedicated real estate investment team, understood the potential for this project from the beginning. A global real estate management company with more than 60 years of real estate investment experience, Principal Asset Management knew their vision of Crossroads Commerce Center could provide the infrastructure and logistic solutions in high demand in the region. General contractor Peak Construction and architectural firm ENV were selected to bring that vision to life with the help of ALPOLIC metal composite materials. 

With an impressive portfolio and experienced staff, ENV was confident they could deliver a state-of-the-art commercial space that had both a distinct curb appeal and the flexibility to be tailored to the needs of the business that would inevitably call Crossroads Commerce Center their home. The design team worked with the massive scale of the building, to create visual breaks at the two covered entrances. Here, the team at Environetics (ENV) describes, “We employed an alternating color palette to simultaneously diminish the perceived scale and establish a harmonious integration of the metal panel-covered corners with the overall structure of the building.”

The dynamic blue paneling, in three custom shades of ALPOLIC MCM, extends playfully in a variety of dimensions, creating an inviting texture and visual interest not often seen on commercial properties. “We decided to apply a blue color to the building's corner elements to be congruent with the client's branding. The custom color capability of the metal panels allowed us to use that blue in the facades design to hint at stability, trust, efficiency.”

In addition to its precision custom color matching, ALPOLIC MCM is the best choice for industrial construction because the adaptable, lightweight yet rigid panels are easy to fabricate and install. Sustainable ALPOLIC creates a look that lasts, with finish warranties of up to 30 years. 

“With several decades of industry experience, ENV has consistently sought out top-tier building systems brands to collaborate with. Among the extensive selection of consulting contacts at our firm, ALPOLIC has been a longstanding partner, carefully chosen alongside other reputable options.” The team at ENV notes that the responsive support at ALPOLIC was a great benefit and contributed to successful project completion. In total, 10,600 square feet of MCM were used in a rainscreen system at the entryways and an additional 2,100 sqft of OPT Mica Platinum were fabricated for ceiling soffits. 

In the end, the distribution center, occupying 17 acres, was a successful infill development for Middlesex County. The building will have office space that is built-to-suit for its tenants and extensive access for trailers making use of the neighboring highways, airports, and seaports. “The outcome perfectly matched our initial vision, surpassing our expectations in terms of custom color selection and metal panel implementation. Both our team as well as the client were delighted to witness the realization of this new warehouse building.”

Commerce Park featruring ALPOLIC

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[1] As of June 30, 2023
[2] Pensions & Investments, “The Best Places to Work in Money Management”, December 12, 2022.

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About ENV Architects

ENV has long been a leader in the creation of environments that respond to and support a client’s brand, culture, behavior and vision. ENV provides architectural and interior design design, space planning and project management services. In addition to our New Jersey office ENV has affiliate offices in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Richmond, VA and New York City. 

In 2009, ENV expanded its offering to include structural engineering and MEP engineering. Each of the ENV offices are independently owned and operate collaboratively within the ENV brand sharing staff resources, skill sets, processes and procedures. Overall ENV has a staff of over 100 architects, interior designers and engineers. 

The New Jersey office includes architects, interior designers and engineers providing integrated architectural, interior design, workplace strategy and engineering services for Corporate, Public, Academic, Aviation/Hospitality, Industrial and Retail clients. The ENV network of offices provides our clients with a depth of talent and experience that is national in perspective and regional in execution. 

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