Residential Market Sees Increasing Use of Metal Composite Material
Residential Market Sees Increasing Use of Metal Composite Material

Residential Market Sees Increasing Use of Metal Composite Material

October 15, 2020

MCM offers beautiful design possibilities for single-family homes.

Metal composite materials have been a staple for architects and designers since they were introduced to the building market in the late 1960s. Their ease of fabrication, extensive color options, and adaptability have allowed architectural ideas to become reality.

Despite their popularity in use on commercial buildings, acceptance in the residential market has been somewhat elusive. However, Excelsior Architectural Product is forging new ground with several projects in Western Canada that speak to a bold future for MCM use in residential architecture.

One recent project allows people to see the advantages of installing MCM products on a home’s exterior: Custom home builder Tariq Malik and his wife Afsana, an architectural designer, envisioned a forward-thinking design for their Vancouver property that will remain stylish for years to come. They were concerned about the risks of expansion and shrinkage with other types of building material and were confident MCM, as recommended by Rohit Raju, a director at Excelsior, would achieve the upscale curb appeal they wanted without the risk of weathering or damage.

Excelsior worked closely with the Maliks on the design and completed the fabrication and installation for the project. The result is a high-end custom home, complete with a multi-car garage clad elegantly in ALPOLIC/fr in MZG Grey. The Maliks also chose a brilliant red MCM finish to complement the white exterior of the main house to enhance the home’s vibrancy and to pay tribute to the Canadian flag.

Quality materials make a difference.

Excelsior, having previously worked with ALPOLIC MCM on commercial projects, used a similar production process for this single-family residential project. The company’s ability to adapt to a smaller construction footprint, as well as to make last-minute design changes to suit homeowners, helped grow Excelsior’s reputation in the region.

Maintaining the same metal composite cladding system used in their commercial projects, which utilizes the same components and installation procedure, to mitigate training staff on different systems of façade installation gives Excelsior and MCM an advantage in the residential market. “These [MCM] panels won’t oil can. These panels last and they don’t need maintenance,” says Raju.

Since its completion, the Maliks’ home has become a showpiece for Excelsior. “I knew right away that ALPOLIC MCM was a superior product,” said Tariq, adding that everybody invited to visit the home “had the same ‘wowed’ expression.”

Excelsior has since worked with other homeowners in Western Canada to realize upscale residences. Projects like Cooper House and the Point Grey House, both also in Vancouver, highlight the possibilities of MCM in exterior home design. Yet, The Maliks’ home remains a calling card for Excelsior. “Cars literally stop to see the house,” Raju says. “We’re proud to have played a part in this home and this project is like our flagship.”

This article was featured on Architect Magazine.

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