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November 15, 2011

ALPOLIC HD: For Heavy-Duty Applications

ALPOLIC HD: For Heavy-Duty Applications

When your application requires extra strength, but you still want all the advantages and attractiveness of ALPOLIC ACM panels, ALPOLIC HD is the perfect solution. This heavy-duty alternative increases yield and tensile strength and provides five times the flexural elasticity strength of standard ALPOLIC.

ALPOLIC HD aluminum composite material (ACM) panels are manufactured with either a polyethylene or mineral-filled, fire-resistant core and produced with 0.032" top and bottom aluminum skins for added rigidity and strength. Any of ALPOLIC’s fluoropolymer paint finishes can be applied, including solid, mica, metallic and prismatic. Keep in mind that these panels (available in 4mm or 6mm thicknesses) are custom manufactured and not a stocked product. Additional product lead time and minimum order requirements may apply.

Extraordinary strength, attractiveness and utility. You can have it all in one heavy-duty panel called ALPOLIC HD.

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