ALPOLIC Participates in Onigiri Action
ALPOLIC Participates in Onigiri Action

ALPOLIC Participates in Onigiri Action

October 13, 2023

Join ALPOLIC in having a snack for a good cause. 

Onigiri Action is an annual campaign with the goal of feeding children in need and addressing the world’s food imbalance. Created by the non-profit Table for Two(TFT), during the campaign which runs from October 4th - November 17, for every photo submission with #OnigiriAction, five school meals will be donated and delivered through TFT. Since its launch in 2015, over 8.3 million meals have been provided to schools around the world.

To participate, simply take a photo of yourself eating or making onigiri or with related arts and crafts, and post that photo to their website or your social media publicly with the hashtag #OnigiriAction.

Pictured: Michael Bowie, Emi Mizui, Rico Vega

What is Onigiri?

A very common food found in Japan, onigiri, or rice ball, is a term that is broadly applied to many snacks in all shapes and sizes with an array of fillings. It’s a simple food that can be adapted endlessly and has been a favorite for generations. Simply prepare rice in the Japanese style, stuff and form into a triangle, ball or cylinder, often wrapping a piece of nori seaweed to help keep its shape and make it easy to hold. 

From the traditional staple fillings like salmon and pickled plum to the more modern takes that include fried chicken and Spam, onigiri is the ultimate comfort food on the go. Presentations for onigiri can be ornate and even whimsical, as this dish is often made for children’s school lunch boxes. It is as ubiquitous in Japan as the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is in the US. 

Pictured: Tadashi Kusumoto, Chad Patterson, Octavio Diaz

An American-made Product, A Japanese Philosophy

A division of Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG), ALPOLIC Americas has over a 30-year history here at our Chesapeake, Virginia headquarters, but the roots of our company go back to 1971, when the ALPOLIC brand was launched in Japan. As such, we are no strangers to onigiri

The team at ALPOLIC is also proud to participate in this charitable organization event and supports many others on a local, national, and international level. These initiatives are in line with our governing philosophy of KAITEKI – our goal to achieve sustainable solutions for people and our planet. 

Pictured: Rick Harford, Kenji Miyakita, Steve Tatro

Create Your Own #OnigiriAction Submission

We invite you to join us in posting photos with the hashtag #OnigiriAction through November 17. Create crafts, visit your local Japanese restaurant, or even make your own. Here’s a wonderful tutorial for the bold. However, you choose to participate, allow us to say meshiagare, enjoy your meal.