We Are ALPOLIC: Meet Candice Rambo
We Are ALPOLIC: Meet Candice Rambo

We Are ALPOLIC: Meet Candice Rambo

March 17, 2023

Historically women have had less representation in the manufacturing and engineering space, but that is changing due to women like Candice Rambo, who has worked her way up in traditionally male-dominated fields. Leading by example, Candice stands confidently in her role as Senior Manager of Technical Programs. Responsible for implementing and supporting comprehensive safety and health strategies, Candice and her team’s goal is to ensure everyone that comes to work, leaves in the same condition or better. Having seen a successful reduction in injuries and incidents, Candice knows the value of leading and growing a “Safety First” culture.

“Candice is a driving force within ALPOLIC and is responsible for helping shape and steer the organization toward a higher level of safety awareness and improved culture,” said Paul Olson, ALPOLIC General Manager.

Candice is a fixture both in the plant and the administration office, supervising multiple teams – Health, safety, environmental (HSE), training, quality assurance, facilities, and security. “Working with such a diverse team allows me to continuously learn and develop as a professional.” Taking advantage of the company’s tuition reimbursement program, she has also completed her master’s in engineering, furthering her expertise in safety engineering and management.

Throughout her education and career, including nine years at Mitsubishi Chemical America’s ALPOLIC Division, Candice has found being a resource for others plays into her success. “I do the research, gathering information so I can help give context and get buy-in,” explains Candice. A proactive force in training and safety, she has helped build the change that has made our personnel’s jobs easier and safer, recalibrating what it means to work in manufacturing. “Persistence is a strength and I’m proud to work for a company where safety doesn’t come second to the production schedule.”

Making a point of getting to know the employees at the Chesapeake campus, Candice takes pride in her reputation of approachability. “The team should feel comfortable coming to me with their concerns. I want to empower them to solve their problems and be there to support them, helping them get the resources they need.” Interacting with all the employees is her favorite part of her job, and she loves to hear about their families and the stories they have to tell.

Candice’s love for her STEM career has been an inspiration in her teenage daughter, who is exploring a possible career in this field. “My daughter sees that she can also have a diverse, exciting career one day as well,” explains Candice.

Outside of the office, this Chesapeake native is an unapologetic sports mom. Having raised two kids while working full time, she enjoys cheering them on from the sidelines on the weekends. Candice has also started a book club with other local moms.

The ALPOLIC Division of Mitsubishi Chemical America is run by a governing philosophy known as KAITEKI—a focus on the well-being of people and the planet. Team members like Candice personify these KAITEKI values and we are glad to celebrate her and all our incredible team members during Women’s History Month and beyond.