We Are ALPOLIC: Meet Jordan Flinchum
We Are ALPOLIC: Meet Jordan Flinchum

We Are ALPOLIC: Meet Jordan Flinchum

May 8, 2023

Criss-crossing the eastern half of North America, Jordan Flinchum’s role as category sales manager for ALPOLIC satisfies his wanderlust. Born in Alaska, raised in Kentucky, and now based outside of Cincinnati, he has always loved travel and has explored every inhabited continent. Pairing heartland values and boundless curiosity, Jordan brought new insight and a different perspective with him when he joined the ALPOLIC sales team in 2020. 

After graduating from Northern Kentucky University, he spent three years in the signage and printing arena and two years working with petroleum and quick service branding. This background was a perfect fit for his role in ALPOLIC, which focuses on the petroleum industry, corporate identity branding, and what we describe as the specialty market. 

“I get all the interesting jobs,” Jordan boasts. ALPOLIC is known for creating beautiful façades for monumental architecture like skyrises, but everyday intrepid fabricators are exploring what’s possible with metal composite materials. Whether signage, residential, commercial doors, interiors, or even art installations, Jordan stands ready to help find solutions for the most unique challenges. 

“My sales approach is consultive,” he explains. This technique he learned under the guidance of industry legend and now retired ALPOLIC sales manager, Jack Finn. “These are obviously big shoes to fill. He’s an educator, and I aim to continue that to be the best resource for our customers.” 

The trajectory of Jordan’s onboarding took a turn when travel protocols shifted in response to the pandemic. He was able to focus on learning the ins and outs of our product and their role in the architectural material space. And without as much time in the air, he was able to be more accessible to new customers who were still in the research and development phase of their design. “The markets I’m in are really relationship based,” Jordan explains. 

“These companies see the inherent value of ALPOLIC goes beyond a price per square foot. They see the value of the ALPOLIC team, and how we stand behind our product. With us, you can get a responsiveness and a project done right the first time. Because no one wants a red gas station canopy that turns bubble gum pink after a year in the sun.” 

Since he started, Jordan has made a name for himself with his willingness to explore new opportunities. He attributes his success at ALPOLIC to his adaptability and ability to prioritize to ensure he exceeds his customer’s expectations. When off the clock, Jordan can be found outdoors camping and hiking. He loves exploring, spending time with his niece and nephews, volunteering in his community, and of course, traveling. Maybe soon, he’ll even get to Antarctica. 

Meet Jordan Flinchum