Protect & Preserve

Many American cities struggle daily with the expensive problem of graffiti removal, spending an estimated $12 billion annually. Cities are passing regulations that dictate how quickly graffiti needs to be removed, citing rapid removal as an effective prevention tool.

ALPOLIC®,  Sherwin-Williams®, Watts Removal Products® have united to develop a non-toxic, biodegradable graffiti cleaning system that’s safe, effective, and easy to use. Tested to ASTM standards and found to work equally well on all new and existing ALPOLIC MCM products.

Any building old or new that boasts ALPOLIC MCM with a Sherwin-Williams FEVE, PVDF or polyester finish is already graffiti-resistant at absolutely no extra cost, with no extra coatings for safe, fast and accurate graffiti removal.

Learn more about resistance and graffiti removal for new and existing ALPOLIC Sherwin-Williams finishes and request a sample at Watts Removal.