Image of ALPOLIC and Lumiflon FEVE
ALPOLIC and Lumiflon FEVE

With ALPOLIC®, beauty is more than skin deep. As a leading manufacturer of metal composite materials, we create products that maintain their magnificent finishes for years. We source only the best materials and take into consideration every detail of our manufacturing process. Since beginning production in the United States, we’ve focused on quality, sustainability and customer service, and our partnership with Lumiflon® to produce finished MCM contributes to our vision.

All About Chemistry
Lumiflon’s® FEVE fluoroethylene vinyl ether resin sets itself apart from other urethane or polyester based paints for its superiority. FEVE is a clear resin which avoids the cloudy look of PVDF products, ensuring exceptional color accuracy. It set the highest industry standards for gloss finishes with up to 70% gloss rate. The thermoset resin provides a harder finish that does not re-melt, meeting the AAMA 2605 performance standard. Brighter colors, stronger finish. That’s why we choose Lumiflon®.


All About Sustainability
ALPOLIC’s® long-standing commitment to green manufacturing includes our finish application. We use the innovative die coating application, which extrudes paint directly onto our primed metal surface. Die coating gives excellent control over paint thickness, providing the smoothest coating possible. This also allows us to produce high volume in a continuous process, without the waste and inconsistency of coil coating.

Our facilities also incinerate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) before they enter the atmosphere as harmful vapors or gases. Once fabricated, FEVE based paints have improved corrosion resistance and a longer lasting gloss range, twice the industry standard, reducing the need for repainting. FEVE has an estimated 40-80% total life-cycle cost of polyurethane.

All About Commitment
Through a partnership with Sherwin Williams Coil Coating (formerly Valspar®), ALPOLIC® is able to produce nearly limitless color options with finish warranties available for 10, 20 or 30 years, based on paint color, product type and location. These FEVE resin-based finishes are warrantied against severe cracking, chalking and changes in color. Our exceptional customer service team is prepared to match your project’s specific color and finish needs.

All About Expertise
For over nearly three decades, ALPOLIC® has produced millions and millions of square feet of MCM finished with Lumiflon®. Time tested to provide a longer lasting finish, ALPOLIC® with Lumiflon FEVE® based resin looks good as new for years after other materials begin to fade.

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