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Metal Composite Materials Engineer Sound and Inspire Bold Designs

High vaulted ceilings are a challenge to acoustical engineers looking to control, direct and amplify sounds to create a dynamic listening experience. LMN Architects approached the design for the new Voxman Music Building at the University of Iowa with an acute understanding of the construction limitations. They needed lightweight, yet rigid material that could be fabricated and hung in the open space in order to provide the right acoustics, integrate in the lighting and fire safety systems, and provide an inspiring experience true to their bold vision.

Metal composite material proved to be the perfect solution for this complex problem. In partnership with fabricators at Shaffner Heaney Associates, Inc, 6mm-thick ALPOLIC®/fr Metal Composite Material (MCM) was designed, fabricated, and installed to meet all engineering concerns and exceed the design expectation in bringing colorful swarms of kites to life.   click here for more

Voxman Music Building
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