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November 13, 2011

Shipping Containers As Building Blocks: UPDATE

Shipping Containers As Building Blocks: UPDATE

Remember our recent story about a building with a stack of 11 used shipping containers as its core? Except for a few finishing touches, the project is now complete — and it stands as a great example of what can be accomplished using repurposed and environmentally friendly materials.

Called the Epic Creative Co-op, this distinctive building near Houston, Texas, is a 5,000-square-foot video production studio that prominently features donated ALPOLIC ACM panels, which fit the “green” theme because of their high sustainability.

Epic Software Group, the company behind the project, had this to say about ALPOLIC in an October Blog post:

“Remain amazed at the things you can do with ACM panels. While they were not part of our original design for the building, they have quickly become the focal point on many of the interior and exterior elements. This week we wrapped a number of exposed steel beams, and completed the ceiling of the entry …”

We congratulate Epic on their amazing project and are pleased to see ALPOLIC put to such good use.

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