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MCA Launches Exclusive New FROST™ Anodized Finish for ALPOLIC® MCM Products

CHESAPEAKE, Va., August 3,2020  – Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. (MCA), a leader in metal composite material (MCM) manufacturing, is excited to announce the launch of its exclusive new ALPOLIC®  MCM anodized finish called Frost™.  Hard as sapphires, smooth as chrome, Frost™ Anodized MCM fire-resistant material offers projects a touch of luxury without the expense of a solid metal application. Additionally, with exceptional reflective properties (80 SRI), Frost™ is a great choice for urban environments where “cool” building requirements are becoming more prevelant.

A cooperative project between MCA and , a full-service anodizer founded in 1968, Frost™  offers the sleek, modern, low-gloss finish that designers and archtiects desire for high-end designs.  “We’ve worked with AaCron for many years and have found the company continuely matches our ethos in innovation, quality and customer care,” said Dave Kearney, Director of Sales and Marketing at ALPOLIC®.

AaCron General Manager, Jon Ledin, with the idea of a new anodizing process that would attain a cool toned, sleek, modern, low gloss finish on ALPOLIC®’s natural alumunim composite material.  “We immediately thought this was a perfect fit for ALPOLIC® and have worked closely together to bring this one-of-a-kind finish to market,”said Ledin. Created using Frost™ joins ALPOLIC®’s successful Anodized Series, which includes other popular finishes like Clear Anodized, Dark Bronze, Medium Bronze, Light Bronze, Champagne and Black.

Headquartered in Plymouth, MN, AaCron boasts two anodizing lines under the same roof with capabilities that are unmatched for size and finish choices.  The company’s anodic coatings are inorganic and much more impervious to ultraviolet rays, making anodized MCM more color stable.  Additionally, the anodized surface does not chalk, and is highly restistant to chipping, peeling or fading — helping  ensure the natural beauty of the underlying aluminum is highlighted beautifully and providing the option to match previous batches more accurately.

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About Mitsubishi Chemical America

Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. (MCA) is part of the global Mitsubishi Chemical group of companies. MCA has manufactured ALPOLIC® Metal Composite Materials (MCM) since 1991 at its Chesapeake, Va. location. ALPOLIC® MCM is among the most versatile and useful architectural materials available, and our manufacturing, distribution and support capabilities extend worldwide. ALPOLIC® offers the rigidity of heavy-gauge architectural metals in a lightweight composite material, with a standard polyethylene or fire-resistant core available in an unmatched selection of colors and finishes. For more information about ALPOLIC®, visit or call 800-422-7270.

MCA Launches Exclusive New FROST™ Anodized Finish for ALPOLIC® MCM Products
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