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August 16, 2012

ALPOLIC ACM Panels Used In Innovative Furniture Design

ALPOLIC ACM Panels Used In Innovative Furniture Design
Project:The Leaf by Folditure
Location:Hoboken, New Jersey
Designer:Alexander Gendell
Red Composite Panel Manufacturer:ALPOLIC
Products:Custom Red 6mm ALPOLIC PE ACM

Originating in the 70’s as an aluminum composite panel traditionally used for architectural cladding, the applications for ALPOLIC panels have diversified greatly over the history of the product. From signage and displays to art installations and mobile structures, new uses for ALPOLIC material are being discovered at a growing rate. Most recently, the brand has expanded into yet another unconventional market – furniture.

Inspired by the confined spaces he encounters while working in New York City, designer Alexander Gendell sought to create high-end folding products that would satisfy the need for stylish, yet spatially efficient, furniture. His company, appropriately named “Folditure”, aims to revolutionize folding furniture through the use of modern materials and updated geometries.

Folditure’s first product, the “Leaf”, is the world’s thinnest luxury folding chair and is architecturally crafted for comfort, stability, and aesthetic appeal. The Leaf, at less than three quarters of an inch flat, boasts an ergonomically formed backrest for proper support, and a relaxing seat made of a sturdy mesh fabric. Extremely flexible in form, the Leaf chair is collapsible with the release of a single button, making it as space saving as it is eye-catching.

Hand crafted in the United States, the Leaf is made of an aluminum composite panel frame, with stainless steel rivets and hinges, making the high quality chair perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Chosen for its stability and thickness, the ALPOLIC material provides for strong structural support while remaining elegantly streamlined and easily storable.

photos © Mark Rhodes for Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America and Hillary Launey

information © Alexander Gendell + Folditure

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